At Visual IT Solutions, our products, services, and development projects all stem from a desire to accelerate e-business operations and make them accessible to companies of all sizes, regardless of their area of specialization.

E-business operations involve much more than the simple exchange of information via e-mail or business transactions carried out on line.

In Visual IT Solutions’ view, e-business operations based on optimal use of the Internet and/or associated technology can transform and improve a company’s key processes. E-business operations include communication and the exchange of information between different systems, and, especially, between different organizations, and they enable the automation and/or perfection of organizational management and processes.

Some aspects of digital business operations include:

  1. procurement and resupply operations;
  2. linkage with government or banks;
  3. electronic transaction systems;
  4. trade in digital goods and services;
  5. customer service;
  6. city-notary transactions.
  7. production and transfer of various forms.

The examples above represent only a fraction of the vast scope covered by e-business operations, and furthering e-business operations is what we do at Visual IT Solutions.