Solutions Adapted to Meet the Growing Needs of Customers

With the advent of new communication tools, including smartphones and tablets, mobility is becoming a major trend in the information technology industry. The concept of mobility can, depending on your point of view, include the development of standalone mobile applications as well as Web-based solutions. Visual IT Solutions is contributing to the growth of mobility, and many of its products and solutions have a mobile component.

V-Com Online

All the modules associated with V-com software are available in cloud mode. V-com online allows customers to access their accounting data at any time, regardless of the platform used. With cloud computing, our solutions require no installation and no updating by the client.

Mobility and Our Partner Solutions

In addition to its proprietary solutions, Visual IT Solutions also offers partner solutions that integrate mobility. Our CRM solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics CRM, allow customers to access their information from any mobile device or have their information hosted in the cloud.