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We offer best-in-class IT services customized to your business and industry.

Industries We Serve

Come home to a horses-for-all-courses range of capabilities. We cater to many verticals and bring a big buffet of domain-specific strengths where you can find a solution – no matter where you come from and where you are headed.
Here’s a quick glimpse of the verticals we have been working for in a major way.


Healthcare is a strategic industry at Visual IT. We have dedicated professionals, and a Healthcare Center of Excellence organized to gather insights from all Visual IT healthcare clients.
Visual IT brings deep industry knowledge and skills to help healthcare organizations harness the power of technology to overcome the challenges of payment reform, regulatory compliance, improving revenue, managing costs, evaluating and safeguarding protected health information, or embracing new technology.


At Visual IT, we work collaboratively with automotive leaders to respond better to changing consumer and vendor demands while improving overall enterprise value by leveraging technology.
We combine several years of automotive industry experience with proven methodologies to align the right professionals with the appropriate process knowledge, technology expertise, and audit experience to provide comprehensive solutions designed to help you adapt and thrive in the fast-changing automobile industry.

Telecommunication and Media

As companies in the Telecommunication and Media industry strive to maintain market share and customer loyalty, finding innovative ways to optimize margin and increase profits is becoming increasingly important.
Visual IT’s professionals help you contain costs and optimize revenues through risk management and operational performance improvements. We also assist you with appropriately identifying, maintaining, and better utilizing the significant assets that support your vast IT infrastructure. Our professional experience ranges from large-scale enterprises to SMEs and from traditional voice to wireless and broadband companies.

Professionals Services

To meet the demands of an increasingly complex business environment and enhanced focus on their core competencies, more and more professional services companies are turning to outside providers for expertise, tools, methodologies, and on-demand talent. Such companies must protect their brands, as new technologies can increase vulnerabilities to cybersecurity breaches and the loss of valuable customer information.
Visual IT can help professional services companies harness the power of technology in a secure and scalable way and drive performance in changing environments.

Consumer Products

Over the past decade, the retail experience has been transformed as what, where, and how consumers buy has changed. However, the transformation is far from complete, and innovation continues to drive the industry forward. Visual IT helps retail businesses to harness the power of technology to successfully embrace change.
At Visual IT, our retail experts focus on providing you with greater control over your business with technology so that you can innovate and grow profitably. We can help you manage digital transformation of the front or back-office and deliver data and analytics solutions to gain powerful insights for decision-making. We help optimize vendor relationships and supply chain management. We manage all aspects of cybersecurity and assist in risk, compliance, and internal audit programs from the enterprise to the store level. Whatever challenges and opportunities the future holds, we can help you face them confidently.

Hospitality, Leisure and Travel

Hospitality, leisure, and travel companies have experienced significant disruption in recent years. Today, owners and operators of hotels, resorts, restaurants, clubs, and tourist attractions face diverse challenges. To overcome such challenges, they are shifting towards the digital transformation of customer engagement and key processes.
At Visual IT, our professionals have extensive experience collaborating with hospitality, leisure, and travel leaders to navigate these challenges. We work with you to understand the risks and opportunities specific to your business and tailor robust and scalable solutions to help you drive your company’s performance.

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