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Hire top-notch IT talent based on skill requirements to succeed in digital transformation and scale your business.

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In the new world that we live in, tools and infrastructure are fast turning into common denominators for almost every industry. The barriers to entry are now no more around capital, technology, geography or raw material sources. The real competitive advantage lies in how a business uses all these factors. That’s where the big X factor comes in – Human Capital.

We understand the severity, and sensitivity, of this aspect. Talent has become a crucial tipping point for any business on the path of growth and leadership in an industry. Any company with the right talent under its belt at the right time, packs the edge it takes to lead that industry and to march way ahead than its peers.

So we make sure that we provide clients with not just talent – but talent that is well-chosen, unparalleled, fit to purpose and rich on soft advantage pillars like loyalty, integrity, creativity and passion.

We enable this through


A wide gamut of staff augmentation services


Extensive experience in various business domains and staffing needs


Track record of supplying A-class talent to Fortune 500 and government clients


A solid advisory and responsive approach


A rich array of HR experts for strategic planning, direction and problem resolution


Our able experts make sure that you enjoy
a specialized process for all requirements


Evaluation for understanding business goals


Consultation for guidance and assistance, wherever needed


Rigor and precision in finding the right staffing-fit


Proactive candidate screening by in-house specialists


A rich array of HR experts for strategic planning, direction and problem resolution

A Quick Glance at the Deep Funnel
We Cover on Staffing Needs


Full Time Recruitment

We take care of perennial staffing needs with a consultation-plus-execution approach that handles all kinds of roles and job-descriptions.


Contract Staffing

If you are looking at any complementary workforce support for any specific project or region, we can handle that too with our specialized expertise and networks in this area.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Trust in the beautiful amalgam of outsourcing models and technology to hand over the burdens of the recruitment cycle to experts who know to do it well – within deadlines and with utmost assurance of supreme talent quality.

Talent Automation Systems

We build and maintain excellent automation solutions that can augment and empower a lot of talent areas in an agile and scalable manner.

Training & Deployment Services

With our time-tested and vertical-specific set of services in training, skilling, upskilling, reskilling and holistic development interventions- you can inject your workforce with a fresh spurt of excellence any time – and with maximum impact.

Other Services


Master Supplier


Enterprise Workforce


Build and Transfer

Make the First Move
Towards Transformation and Growth

We understand that business agility, resiliency and productivity are critical for your organization’s success. So let’s explore how you can leverage our next-generation digital services, staffing and consulting services to succeed.